Hypercycle Node Licenses


Where Do I get the Node License

How Much is Each license

What Happens when I Checkout to buy a License on this site, from Digital Investor

How many tokens do I need? Do I need to have them right now?

How much Money or Tokens will I earn while doing this?

Tokens are on ETH/BNB, and nodes on ADA. How will this work? 

What are node splits?

Can I used Locked or Vested Tokens on my nodes

Why are we getting licenses - who is essentially making any return on this whole deal

What if I want to run my own Hardware setup

I have Purchased My Licenses, now How do I Transfer the tokens to be married to the licenses

Do we need to acquire additional licenses every time a node splits into 2

When Will I get my NFT airdropped to me as proof of ownership

Do all Node Licenses Need to be used Immediately? Do I need to add Tokens Immediately?

When Do I need to Add my License / Tokens to get them earning Revenue?

Do I need to use the same wallet for my License and my Tokens?

Are my Licenses locked with DIGITAL INVESTOR forever?

What the Heck is the License Anyway

I bought the 8 node License bundle, Can I split those and send them to 8 of my Grandchildren?

When do I need to add my tokens to my License

When will my placeholder NFT turn into the REAL LICENSE

Other Questions

IF you have any other questions please contact us below

What our trading system is

Powertrading is not new, and is NOT a "set it and forget it" trading system. We are making multiple trades per week to leverage a small amount of cash we have at risk every month.

Day Trades

Quick Entry/exit is our number 1 method based on quick signals for faster gains


Options provide the most powerful way to leverage small cash amounts

Bio Stocks

Pharma is a high risk/return for options that has worked very well for us in the past

Complex options

Multiple Complex Option trades present and allow us to make less risky trades